Expert Testimony and
Legal Consulting
Robert G. Picard provides expert testimony and legal consulting in cases
involving ownership, antitrust, and competitive behavior.

Expertise lies within the area of market dynamics, competition and
monopoly, and pricing issues.

Testimony and consulting have been made for court cases,
congressional and parliamentary inquires, and administrative
proceedings in the North America and Europe.

Issues under litigation in court cases for which testimony and consulting
has been offered have included horizontal integration, monopolization,
abuse of dominant market position, unfair trade practices, block booking,
predatory pricing, price fixing, and restraint of trade.

Policy and regulatory debates in which testimony and consulting have
been offered have included Congressional review of the Newspaper
Preservation Act, newspaper-broadcast cross ownership rules, and
vertical and horizontal integration in the cable industry. Consultations and
expert advice have also been given in parliamentary and other
governmental inquiries regarding broadcast regulation, concentration,
pluralism, and newspaper subsidies in Austria, Canada, Finland, France,
Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the
United States.